Welcome to Montecito Beach Village


Become a villager in an exclusive community, where you have everything to enjoy quality of life in a first class environment, which harmonizes privacy, security, intimacy with nature and the Montecito people.

The Perfect Surrounding

The reason? People who can go anywhere in the world, choose to come here!

Fine Food Cuisine

In Loma lounge and the beach club restaurant you will find the best of local, Mexican and international cuisine, so you will never get bored of trying different dishes. Our Cheff Edgar Alain Sanchez Rojas will surpirse you every day!


Own more than a villa, own the exclusivity of a complex of 5 hectares in a natural environment, beach and priviledges views of the ocean that will enrich your life from now on.


Villa Pricing

The Best Way To Live

There are many reasons to live in Montecito: Design, amenities, architecture, harmony, respect, inclusion, income plans, surplus value, and more. If you consider to be one of the few that can offer you the Montecito lifestyle, please contact one our sales agent to schedule an appointment or provide more information.

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